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Waverly Pest Control Seasonal Updates

Here we are again, that time of year when the days grow shorter,the cold weather arrives, and so do the rodents. They make themselves warm and comfortable in your home or business. Give yourself a little peace of mind. Now is the time to prepare!

Waverly Pest Control can thoroughly inspect your home or business and find those little nooks and cranies where insects, rodents and wildlife enter. We are offering a special one time initial set up and treatment for control of these pests, which includes; a complete professional inspection, 8-12 rodent bait stations, glue traps, bait and treat attic and our 60 day guarantee all for the price of $250.00 (reg. $350.00) a $100.00 savings! Give youself peace of mind this holiday season and call us today, just ask for Mike Robinson! (offer ends 3/1/18).
Please call us at 845 297-6700 or visit our web site to schedule your appointment. And LIKE us on Facebook !!!!!!!!!!

For Southern Dutchess Co. Residents Only! Waverly Pest Control “Will Not Be Plowing” this winter. For affordable and reliable plowing service please call Johnny Catapano at 845 546-0544